Brooke Hogan was the featured guest on today's Howard Stern Show on SIRIUS-XM satelitte radio and a lot of sex talk was had, as expected.

Brooke wouldn't reveal the exact age, but did say she lost her virginity when she was of legal age, and that her first time was with the rocker-kid "Jerry" on the show. She also revealed that she got breast implants sometime last year.

In addition to the sex talk, Brooke discussed her father Hulk Hogan and his current social life. Brooke said his father's new girlfriend looks a lot like her and acts a lot like her. She also addressed the Hulk-drug rumors, claiming he never smoked pot in front of her despite what it said in Linda Hogan's press release recently.

The interview with Brooke Hogan on the Howard Stern Show can be heard on SIRIUS-XM as the show replays all day long. The interview will also be on Howard TV, an On Demand cable service much like WWE Classics On Demand, late tomorrow night.

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