Bobby Lashley has launched a Twitter page at

The only extra on the WWE Judgment Day DVD will be Ric Flair's return the next day on Raw, making the save for Batista.

According to reports, book on the life of female wrestling legend Mildred Burke is now scheduled for an August release. The book will be titled "The Queen of the Ring: Sex, Muscles, Diamonds, and the Making of an American Legend", and be written by Jeffrey Leen of The Washington Post. Here is the promotional material for the book: At only five foot two, Mildred Burke was an unlikely candidate for the ring. A waitress barely scraping by on Depression-era tips, she wanted more, and she saw her chance when she witnessed her first wrestling match. Even against all odds, she knew that she could become a female wrestler. What followed was a gritty, glittering testament to the golden age of wrestling, when beauty and brawn captivated the world.

The following matches are scheduled for tonight's edition of WWE Superstars:

- Tommy Dreamer vs. D.H. Smith
- Brian Kendrick and Jamie Noble vs. Goldust and Hornswoggle
- Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth and Jeff Hardy

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