The Hogan Saga Continues - Drugs & Sex Involved

The Hogan Saga Continues - Drugs & Sex Involved
Brooke Hogan was on the Howard Stern Show yesterday. She admitted her boobs were fake, said she lost her virginity to Jerry, the musician guy who appeared on the first season of Hogan Knows Best. She admitted that her dad's girlfriend looks a lot like her and acts similar to her. She said that her dad had never smoked weed in front of her but added that smoking weed is not a big deal.

Hulk Hogan had previously accused wife Linda of drug use, and challenged her to take a drug test. Linda's representative Gary Smith has stated that Linda has undergone a full drug test, and tested clean. Smith stated… "Linda also had a full medical exam. According to the doctors who examined her, she has even had gains in bone density and muscle mass since her last physical, which indicates a healthy lifestyle. This further disproves Hulk's and Brooke's unfounded and hurtful allegations. Linda's drug screening shows she has no trace of any drugs in her system, legal or illegal, that includes prescription medication. Linda does not do drugs and never accused her daughter of doing drugs either. Hulk is the expert on drug use." Smith did not say where Linda got the drug test, nor was there any conformation in their announcement from a doctor. Oh those wacky Hogan's…

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