Evan Bourne Says New ECW "Blows Out" The Original ECW

Evan Bourne Says New ECW "Blows Out" The Original ECW
Evan Bourne was recently interviewed by The Sun in the UK. Here are the highlights:

The new ECW vs. The original ECW: "You can't make a direct comparison between the rosters, as we're so different. But if you compare ECW now to the old ECW on TNN - we blow that show out of the water. Every week we blow it out of the water. I have tons of respect for Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Super Crazy and Tajiri - as they were the guys I idolised growing up. I loved ECW. So that's why I'm so proud to part of the current ECW, to make sure the name has the same feel and fans feel the same way I did at that age."

On differences between now and then: "The main difference is that the original ECW's events weren't as large as ours. They were wrestling in front of 4,000-5,000, whereas WWE's arena shows attract 10,000. That makes a huge difference as you have to adapt to your crowd and give them the best show. Also ECW had no rules, you could use any language you want. I loved the promo Tazz cut on Steve Corino, where he cursed for 10 minute straight, but we can't do that. We're a PG product and I'm proud to be a part of that. I love doing it for the kids, but I never want to forget about that 18-24 male demographic that needs ECW to be like EXTREME Championship Wrestling was back in the day. Me and Tyson Kid can easily be the Super Crazy/Tajiri or RVD/Jerry Lynn of the new ECW. "

On the poor ratings: "You have to look at ratings as a long-term picture, but I did notice that the week I made my second debut was one of ECW's highest rated shows. And I think we're going to see a slow increase coming up. I measure more by live crowd reaction and how it looks on TV. I don't make any money off ad sales, so ratings are nowhere near as important to me as having a good product."

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