-- Perhaps in response to a ten minute rant Jim Cornette did earlier this week concerning Joey Styles' political views for the Who's Slamming Who podcast (which you can listen to at whosslammingwho.podomatic.com), the former ECW announcer has posted some more anti-Barack Obama statements on his Twitter account (twitter.com/wwejoeystyles).

Yesterday morning, he posted the following three "Tweets" within a ten minute span:

"Our marxist president is in the Middle East apologizing for for the USA and snubbing Israel. The disgrace continues."

"Obama hid from his middle name, Hussein, during the election and now brags about how many Muslims live in America. He's a fraud."

"By the way, he used taxpayer money to turn ownership of Chrysler and GM to the UAW which donated millions to his campaign. That's a payoff!"

Four hours later, he released the following message:

"I just want to make clear that the passionate political commentary posted here is mine personally and not in any way those of WWE, Inc."

-- Tommy Dreamer posted a blog on the WWE Universe website reminding readers that tomorrow night could be his final match on ECW. He promises that he will win the ECW Championship at Extreme Rules, or he will no longer wrestle for ECW.

"I make this promise to everyone that on this Sunday you will either see my last match in ECW or you will see me win the ECW Title," Dreamer wrote. "Every match has a special stipulation but for me it is all or nothing. Hopefully I will be writing back to all of you as a champion and not as a out of work wrestler."

-- Edge is ranked No. 1 on this week's edition of the POWER 25 on WWE.com.

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