Thanks to Jagger K for sending in the following recap of Hulk Hogan on Bubba The Love Sponge radio yesterday:

-Hogan joined the show and Bubba immediately told him that his producer attempted to get Linda Bollea on the show. They played audio of the producer's end of the conversation, but did not play the audio of her responding. The producer apologized on behalf of Bubba, who said they were trying to play "good cop, bad cop" with her. The producer said Linda appreciated the apology and said she would speak to Bubba off the air.

-Bubba said he was going to apologize to her on the air and say that Hulk and Brooke would also apologize if she came on the air and took "a real drug test." Hulk said he feels bad for Brooke because she's doing a media tour and everyone wants her to apologize for claiming that her mother used drugs even though her lawyer claims she passed a test. Hulk said Brooke never made such a statement.

-Hulk said he and Linda did cocaine together 10 years ago. He said they have statements from people who claim Linda wanted to do a couple lines of cocaine when Nick Bollea was released from jail. Hulk said back in the wrestling days there were wrestlers who wore body pouches with tubes that went underneath their p---ses so it appeared they were actually urinating even though the urine was coming from the pouch.

-Hulk said he's been doing business in Los Angeles. He added that he's been hanging out with Los Angeles and everyone is crazy about the Lakers. They spoke about the Kobe Bryant rape allegations. Bubba said the woman made a Youtube video about Kobe raping her. Bubba said he and Hogan are going to the NBA Championship game in Orlando next Thursday. They played the rap song this moronic woman made.

-Hulk b---hed about Linda showing up at his door, yet claiming she needs bodyguards to protect her from him. Hulk brought up Charlie Hill. He said he hopes Linda and Charlie are sitting in front of him and Bubba at the NBA game because he wants to throw popcorn at Charlie.

-Bubba asked Hogan what Linda was like in bed. Hogan instructed Bubba to ask someone who was in the studio, and the man seemed to know something about it. Strange.

-Bubba told Hogan that his son's favorite wrestler is Rey Mysterio. Bubba thought Hogan would be bothered by that, but Hogan said Rey is a cool guy.

-Hogan plugged Jimmy Hart's Wrestlicious. Hogan said it's what network executives are looking for because it's cheap to produce. He said he wishes "Celebrity Championship Wrestling" fit that description. Hulk pointed out that the "hot blond" is Kerry Von Erich's daughter. They played the video. Bubba raved about it. Hulk said Nick ran into Lacey Von Erich and couldn't get over how hot she was.

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