Internally, some people feel Monday Night Raw has been "boring" as of late, but no one dares to say anything to Vince McMahon about it. The feeling is that if you suggest something minor that is logical and would improve the show, you will get chewed out by him for it.

WWE management are back on their kick to prevent storyline plans from leaking out onto the Internet. Finding moles within the company is back to being a high priority. has another video featuring Mark Henry and Tony Atlas after last night's ECW show. Atlas again tries to apologize to Henry, who says he will show him how it is done next week. It looks as if we will see another Mark Henry vs. Evan Bourne match. has an article about JBL's involvement with the Vyper Fight League. Here are some highlights: ''Dana White should've never booked that fight [between Lesnar and Frank Mir], that was the one fallibility that Brock had was he didn't know submissions. He's a brute, he was a national champion [in wrestling] but he won it by beating up people. Not even sure he's a great wrestler, he's just a great athlete. You put him in there against Frank Mir, I would have never done that. I would've gave him eight tomato cans in a row, you don't have to fix them [the fights], but let Brock become your biggest draw. You almost hurt your biggest draw, thank god he came back, at least for Brock and for fans of Brock and beat Randy Couture.''

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