During screenings of the WWE Extreme Rules PPV at various locations, such as Hooters, WWE representatives were handing out surveys to the fans. These surveys were asking for feedback on different ways of PPV viewing of future PPVs. One of the questions was regarding fans paying cover charges at bars or restaurants to watch WWE PPVs.

Another portion of the survey questioned fans about the interest in watching WWE PPVs aired via closed circuit in high definition at movie theater chains. Cineplex Entertainment in Canada already does this. Before the boom of PPV, major arena shows, including the first three WrestleMania events used closed circuit. WWE did some testing for this back in 2008, when they released the Greatest Superstars of Wrestlemania DVD for a short run in Carmike Cinemas.

In the last few years, Fathom Events and Sony's Hot Ticket have used closed circuit theatres to show live concerts, opera events, Broadway shows and other events.

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