-- Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat worked an unadvertised match at the WWE Supershow house show last weekend, and the WWE Hall of Famer is also advertised for the WWE house show in Hershey, PA on Sunday evening. Apparently he will be working some other non-televised events as well but we don't have anything confirmed yet.

-- For those looking to pick up the new Macho Man DVD set, the best deal is currently at Amazon.com, where you can pick up the set for $18. You can check it out at this link.

-- The attorney representing John Graziano has accused Hogan in court Wednesday of lying about efforts to settle a lawsuit Graziano's guardian filed against him and his family. Attorney George Tragos said Hogan signed a confidentiality agreement in October not to disclose what happened during an effort to settle the lawsuit, then went on to talk about the mediation publicly. In addition, he claims Hogan inaccurately portrayed the money discussed and said what he offered would place Graziano "in a five-star hotel for the rest of his life," Tragos said. TBO.com also reports that the judge in the case has decided to restrict members of the media from attending the depositions or having access to the transcripts.

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