- Paul and Maureen Toffoloni, the parents of Nancy Benoit, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Phil Astin and three unnamed drug distributors in U.S. District Court.

- Maureen Toffoloni has also filed suit on behalf of the estate of Nancy Benoit and the estate of Daniel Benoit, both of which she controls

- The suit seeks financial damages to cover the "full value" of the deceased lives, along with money for pain, suffering and expenses and requests a jury trial.

- They filed on June 10th of this year, and presented 134 pages of documents to support their claims. This also included an affidavit from Gary I. Wadler, an MD who supported the family's claims, which were that Chris Benoit was under the influence of CNS depressants, opioids and anabolic androgenic steroids when he murdered his family and then committed suicide.

- Wadler is also the Chairman of the World Anti-doping Agency. He was also outspoken against the WWE Wellness Policy in a CNN documentary about the Benoit tragedy. His comments on that were: "[The WWE policy] certainly falls far, far short of where it needs to be...And there is a gold standard, and I measure all these sporting and entertainment activities against this gold standard. And [the WWE is] miles apart."

- There is no mention of concussions, post-concussion syndrome or any acknowledgement of Chris Benoit being a professional wrestler. There is also no mention of WWE.

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