Original Plans For Umaga, Major Backstage 'Taker Update

Original Plans For Umaga, Major Backstage 'Taker Update
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Prior to his release this past Monday, Umaga, as late as a week ago, was still being groomed for a program with Undertaker for his eventual return to the ring.

WWE had plans to do an Undertaker vs. Umaga program for about a year, but injuries to both men constantly delayed it. A little over a month after being drafted to SmackDown, Umaga suffered a torn PCL at a live event on August 2nd. Upon his return to action in late January, Undertaker was getting geared for a huge WrestleMania angle with Shawn Michaels, once again delaying a possible program. Directly following WrestleMania, Taker was placed on the inactive list as a result of knee surgery, derailing plans once again.

As far as Undertaker is concerned, he is expected to be off crutches in the middle of July. It's being said that it will be a "photo finish" for him to return at SummerSlam.

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