-- The Donald Trump angle from RAW last night is starting to be picked up by a lot of TV media outlets, which is exactly what WWE was banking on. The last time Trump was involved with WWE, his storyline created a ton of interested leading into WrestleMania and WWE feels they can recapture that interest with this storyline. The timing of this was also no accident, as WWE and USA Network both want to bounce back strongly from the low ratings they had during the NBA Playoffs and Finals.

-- The Trump storyline isn't the only WWE item being picked up by the media today. The lawsuit filed against The Big Show, his wife and WWE by SoBe Entertainment has been picked up by TMZ and The Miami News-Times. Ironically, SoBe Entertainment is Brooke Hogan's record label.

-- Greg Davis sent this in: There was a contestant on the Price is Right this morning who was wearing a replica WWE Championship belt. I missed his one bid, but he was one number off from winning a car, won $1,000 on the big wheel, and won his Showcase, which included digital cameras and a trip. His reason for wearing the belt? "I'm the champ!"

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