is covering the SoBe vs. Big Show lawsuit. The site reports that Paul Wight (Big Show) failed to reveal he owed the IRS $450,000, and now they have placed a lien on the home. The home is also part of the lawsuit.

Taz has a new Q&A up on his Facebook, discussing support he has received since leaving WWE and getting into the UFC as a commentator. Here are some highlights: Chris Jones (Blue Mountain) Yo man have you ever thought about trying to get in the UFC & do commentary with Rogan & Goldberg? That would be pretty freaking awesome... **I actually have thought about doing color in the MMA world. Humbly speaking...I feel I would be a good fit with my Judo/grappling experience, being a fan of MMA and my obvious WWE broadcasting background...I be a pretty good hybrid commentary for the MMA realm!

The following matches are scheduled for tonight's edition of ECW on Sci-Fi:

* Non-Title Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger
* Evan Bourne vs. Mark Henry
* Christian vs. David Hart Smith

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