John Laurinaitis, WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, recently went to the creative team with a list of former WCW wrestlers to see if there was any possible interest, reports Laurinaitis is quite familiar with talent from the dying days of World Championship Wrestling as he joined the promotion in the summer of 2000 as a booker, carrying the role until the company was sold to the World Wrestling Federation in March 2001. Among those still actively wrestling (and not already under contract to WWE or under contract to TNA) from the 2001 roster include Buff Bagwell, Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak, Chuck Palumbo, Shannon Moore, Kaz Hayashi and Sid Vicious.

Today is former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior's birthday. He turns 50 years old. It is also The Sandman's birthday, who turns 46.

As late as Sunday, radio ads for the 8/14 Raw live event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa had been advertising a Randy Orton vs. Triple H match for the WWE Championship and John Cena vs. Big Show. As of yesterday, the radio ad was changed to John Cena defending the WWE Championship against Big Show with Randy Orton vs. Triple H squaring off in a match. (Thanks to John L.)

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