Nobody backstage was surprised at Sim Snuka being released. WWE largely blamed Snuka for the scary bump the Undertaker ended up taking at WrestleMania XXV when he dove out of the ring. Snuka was the "cameraman" who was supposed to catch him.

Candice Michelle's release also wasn't a big surprise backstage. Some in WWE were upset that she was working on other projects while convalescing from her recent ankle injuries and most feel that she was never the same after returning from her collarbone injuries.

For those keeping track, TNA iMPACT! last night only had 16 total minutes of actual in-ring wrestling during the show. It was, however, the go-home show for this Sunday's "Slammiversary" PPV, which we will have live play-by-play coverage of here on the website.

There is a new audio interview up with Rob Van Dam on the website.

For the record, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes has not passed away. The rumor was sprung from baseball legend Dusty Rhodes passing away on Wednesday. Rhodes' passing has gotten some media attention and as the story is being passed on, it would appear that some people have confused him with the WWE Hall of Famer instead.

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