As quickly as the storyline began, it seems the storyline with Donald Trump "buying Monday Night Raw" is over. Tonight on Raw, Vince McMahon interrupted Donald Trump during his address to the fans on Monday Night Raw. Trump stated that he had many billionaire fans who offered to buy Raw off of him for much more than he paid Vince. Vince then said that he realized he was played by Trump.

Vince first offers to buy back Monday Night Raw for the price he paid, Trump declines. Vince says a good business man would want to get his money back plus then some, so he offers to pay Trump what he paid plus 25%, Trump declines again. Vince then says 50%, Trump Declines again. Vince goes for 75%, still Trump Declines.

Finally, McMahon says he will buy back Monday Night Raw for double the price, Donald Trump agrees. Vince McMahon closes out Raw with doing his infamous line "Your Fired!".Trump slaps McMahon as the segment ends.

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