The company that handles Ric Flair's public bookings, The Gillespie Agency, has released a statement in which they state that Flair is not with WWE exclusively. "We've had several inquiries since Ric Flair began to appear frequently on RAW again as to whether or not Ric is still available for appearances outside of WWE, so here's a statement from The Man himself: "I will always be a part of the WWE family, however I am still anxious to get out there and meet my fans in person. I have had a great time doing just that since my retirement! My agent is currently negotiating appearances across the US and several abroad that will allow me to meet my fans around the world. I am very excited about these new opportunities! WooooOOOooo!"

Lance Storm has a new article up where he talks about working under a mask as a surprise this past weekend. You can check out the article at

Hulk Hogan was on the Bubba the Love Sponge show last week. When asked about why he never worked a program with Jake Roberts, Hogan said that he was willing to work with him and that the two had a test match at a house show but that Hogan noticed during the match that the crowd was not into it. Hogan took that to mean that Roberts was not a big enough heel to work with him.

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