Wrestlemania XXV Update, Lashley/Sapp, RVD, Torrie, More

Wrestlemania XXV Update, Lashley/Sapp, RVD, Torrie, More
Slam! Wrestling has part two of their piece on Rob and Sonya Van Dam, which you can read at http://slam.canoe.ca/

Slam! Wrestling also has an article on Billy "Red" Lyons.

CBS Sports interviews Bob Sapp about Saturday's fight with Bobby Lashley.

Torrie Wilson is in the final three on "I'm A Celebrity....Get Me Out of Here". It is down to Torrie, Lou Diamond Phillips and former NBA player John Salley. The finale is tonight.

THQ is splitting their company into three divisions, but have stated that they wish to continue developing an online WWE game.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Wrestlemania XXV drew 72,744 fans for a gate of $6.9 million.

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