Reason For RAW's Big Rating?, USA vs. TNT Update, UK Ratings

Reason For RAW's Big Rating?, USA vs. TNT Update, UK Ratings
Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- An article on is crediting Donald Trump for the big ratings RAW pulled this week, instead of the commercial-free nature of the show. As previously noted, several members of WWE management are under the same impression.

-- In last week’s cable ratings war, USA was #1 with a 2.9 prime time average, clobbering TNT’s 1.8. Spike came in at #18 with a 0.8 average and Sci-Fi was at #21 with a 0.7 average. The top three shows were The Closer on TNT (4.9), Royal Pains on USA (4.6) and Burn Notice on USA (4.2). The three hours of RAW (each hour is listed as a different show) came at #4, #8 and #13.

-- Here are the U.K. television ratings for the week ending in 6/14: iMPACT drew 35,000 viewers, UFC 99 drew 43,000, RAW drew 53,000 live and 43,000 for the replay, SmackDown drew 28,000 and ECW drew 18,000.

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