Allright Allright.... so I'm sure the title threw you off! Sorry, had to do it!

Mikal Judas and Phil Shatter, two big Southeast indie guys, were given a short-term role as new security for Mick Foley. Not sure what that means for Rocco & Sally Boy.

Judas, real name Michael Cole, was arrested over the weekend for attacking promoter Donovan Loftis in the locker room of his National Championship Wrestling promotion in Greenville, SC. As the story goes, Loftis made derogatory comments about Cole on a message board, although apparently they were made in jest. Cole had worked for Loftis in the past. According to the story, Loftis and his son were going into the locker room and he had his hands full, and Cole punched him, knocking him down, and kicked him in the head when he was down, knocking him out. He was arrested that night by Greenville sheriff's deputies and was released after posting bail. He has a 7/8 court date.

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