Jim Ross has posted another blog update, which you can read in its entirety over at JRsBarBQ.com. Here's what JR had to say about:

Gerald Brisco'S Health: He is feeling much better and after a "false start" regarding his lab work looks as if he will have his "valve job" for his ticker next week. In order words, Jerry Brisco is scheduled, as I write this, to have the small hole in his heart and the faulty heart valve repaired in Tampa next week. Jerry seems to have made a positive turn from the affects of his multiple strokes.

Punk vs. Hardy at The Bash: "The Jeff Hardy challenge to World's Champ C.M. Punk is really gathering steam. I actually like the deliberate evolution of Punk's persona and his subtleties are on point in my view because they are not being rushed along. This first ever one on one meeting and with it being on PPV should encourage these two natural performers to raise the bar this Sunday and I expect this match to rock."

John Morrison: "John Morrison is starting to separate himself from the pack of young talents who want to elevate to the next level and Morrison's bout this Friday night against C.M. Punk is a damn good one."

Skipping Todd Grisham's Wedding: "Of course, the Mrs. and I have been invited to the wedding but it, unfortunately, takes place on Saturday October 17 in the Northeast and I will be in Dallas that day for the Oklahoma vs. Texas college football game. Hey, a man has to have his priorities and Todd and his new bride will receive a nice gift from the Ross'. Nonetheless I wouldn't miss an OU-UT game to attend the wedding of one of my own family members."

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