The Manilla Times recently interviewed ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer. In the interview he discusses the punishment he has taken, the upcoming WWE shows in the Philippines, and going there as the ECW Champion. You can read the full interview at

The Fresno Bee interviewed John Morrison to promote he upcoming WWE show in Fresno, California. In the interview, Morrison discusses defending Kevin Federline, winning Tough Enough, his parents reaction to the business and more. You can check out the full interview at

CM Punk was at the Rancid/Rise Against show last night in Milwaukee Wisconsin at Summerfest. Rancid even dedicated the song "Last One to Die" to Punk, who was watching the show from the side of the stage. Later, Lars threw his water bottle at Punk, who flipped him off in return.

MSG Classics is set to return on July 1st. Most of the recent episodes have been reruns this year.

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