Sharmell Comments On Michael Jackson, Creed, Dixie Carter

Sharmell Comments On Michael Jackson, Creed, Dixie Carter
-- On behalf of Sharmell, TNA Wrestling posted her two-minute video message commenting on the death of Michael Jackson. Like Jackson, the TNA Knockout is from Gary, Indiana. She has seen his famous house and attended the same high school as his siblings did. She further notes her "six degrees of separation" from Jackson, saying the elderly woman who used to babysit her also babysat the Jackson kids. She also notes dancing with James Brown prior to entering the world of wrestling, who Jackson was heavily influenced by. You can see her video message at

-- Consequences Creed is this week's guest on Hermie's Hotseat. The young TNA star discusses his career, being a fan of The Main Event Mafia members when he was younger, and trying not to be a fan when he wrestled in the same ring with them for the first time. You can see the interview at

-- This coming Monday, the TNA website will featured an interview with President Dixie Carter as she discusses the State of TNA. The preview notes: "She speaks candidly with Ross Forman about the company past, present and future. She speaks about the Main Event Mafia, the WWE and more."

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