Miss Lindsie sent this in: From tnawrestling.com, they are announcing that Dixie Carter is doing an interview. Here is the details from the website: INTERVIEW WITH TNA PRESIDENT DIXIE CARTER COMING MONDAY Coming Monday, TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter sits down for an exclusive interview about the State of TNA. She speaks candidly with Ross Forman about the company past, present and future. She speaks about the Main Event Mafia, the WWE and more. Dixie Carter's exclusive interview will be online this Monday, June 29.

Paddy sent this in: ** Tributes to dead British soldier ** A soldier killed in a blast in southern Afghanistan on Friday is named as Maj Sean Birchall, says the Ministry of Defence. < news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/1/hi/uk/8111385.stm >

Sinan Habeeb sent this in: Just wanted to note that CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title is being promoted for the July 3rd event in San Diego. Plans can always change after The Bash.

The latest on Gerald Brisco is that he will likely undergo heart surgery next week. Jim Ross has continued to post new updates regarding Brisco's health over on his official website at jrsbarbq.com.

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