Heidenreich Turns 37, Paul Burchill's Brother, The Bash, More

-- Today is former WWE Superstar Heidenreich's birthday. He turns 37 years old.

-- As noted earlier, Hurricane Helms posted a Twitter update saying fellow ECW wrestler Paul Burchill's brother recently passed away in Afghanistan. The BBC features multiple stories on the death of Major Sean Birchall, the 33-year-old brother of the WWE Superstar. The first story says Sean was killed on June 19 in an explosion in Afghanistan. In a story published on Friday, hundreds turned out midday for the fallen soldier to be repatriated.

-- In a video interview with WWE.com, Aranda discusses the theme song for "The Bash" pay-per-view, Whyyawannabringmedown.

-- As noted yesterday here on the website, World Wrestling Entertainment has changed the names of two upcoming pay-per-views. The No Mercy pay-per-view on October 4th has been renamed "Hell in a Cell". The company had been thinking of doing a Hell in A Cell-themed event in recent weeks with the top matches featuring the company's premiere gimmick match. It would appear that the Cyber Sunday-themed pay-per-view has been dropped, as the October 25, 2009 event has been renamed "WWE Annihilation." It was also reported a few weeks ago that WWE had changed the name of Unforgiven, renaming it "Breaking Point."

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