- WWE developmental women's wrestler Angela Fong, who's worked a a number of WWE live events in recent weeks as a ring announcer, noted on her Twitter account (twitter.com/missangelafong) that fans are constantly mistaking her for Gail Kim. Fong wrote: "Would be a millionaire if I had a quarter for every, "hey gail kim" this wkd!! Heheh...no worries tho..just wait til I debut one day ;)"

She also congratulated all of the Florida Championship Wrestling talent that debuted on last night's episode of ECW. Fong wrote: "Congrats to all the FCW people that debuted on ECW tonight!!! Hard work does pay off!!! :) yay!!!"

- Rey Mysterio is featured in a new Tecate Light ad. The new ad campaign focuses on Latin culture and how they have added twists to their traditions. When discussing Rey, they discussed how he was able to bring his lucha style to the US, but on his own terms.

- Finally, a note from our story. The Betrayed just released this week on DVD, and I managed to check out a review copy of the DVD last week.

Golden Globe nominee Melissa George ("In Treatment," "Alias") stars as Jamie Taylor, a young woman who regains consciousness after a bad accident and finds herself held captive. A man looms overhead, telling her that if she wishes to ever see her little boy again, she must make the ultimate sacrifice to kill her husband. The kidnappers insist that he is actually a brutal killer who has stolen millions from their mysterious crime syndicate. With her marriage upended, her son's life in jeopardy and no idea who she can trust, Jamie must attempt to piece together clues from her past life in an attempt to locate the stolen money and be reunited with her son before it's too late. With a powerful supporting cast that includes Oded Fehr (Resident Evil, "Sleeper Cell") and Christian Campbell ("The Book of Daniel"), The Betrayed is available for only $18.99 through Amazon.com. To purchase the DVD, click here.

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