WWE taped the July 7th edition of ECW on Sci Fi in Bakersfield, California.

Dark Match:

* Drew McIntyre defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

ECW: (Airing Tuesday)
* Nikki Bella defeated Katie Lea Burchill. They did the Bellas switch deal where Brie came from under the ring and won the match for Nikki.

* Shelton Benjamin defeated Yoshi Tatsu in a good match. The crowd was popping for both men.

* Ezekiel Jackson defeated a local jobber guy. Ezekiel looked good.

* Abraham Washington held the Abraham Washington Show segment with Tommy Dreamer as his guest. Both of them were doing comedy and Dreamer talked about Eddie Guerrero. Vladimir Kozlov interrupted and had a staredown and words with Dreamer.

* Christian defeated Vladimir Kozlov to face Dreamer for the ECW Title at Night of Champions.

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