Batista was telling people at Raw this week that his recovery is on schedule, and that he will be able to start working out in 4-6 weeks. The hope is that he can return by Survivor Series, which will be in his hometown of Washington DC. Batista was upset about missing the upcoming July event in the Philippines since he's part Filipino; he is treated like a hero there.

Gabe Sapolsky has a new blog entry up where he talks about a decision he regrets making, ROH's first UK tour, and more. Check it out at

HC Loc is said to be OK following the tough chairshot he took at the Legends of the Arena event on Saturday.

On Monday morning Mexico City police officers found Lucha Mini stars, La Parkita and Espectrito II (both of them were the originals), dead in their hotel rooms. Parkita (real Name Alberto Perez Jimenez) and Espectrito II (real name Alejandro Perez Jimenez) were brothers (also both were brothers of Espectrito I) and were only 35 years old. The police have released that Parkita & Espectriro checked into their hotels after a show on Sunday night and were approached by two prostitutes. The two women spiked the lucha stars drinks and after they passed out stole all of their possessions. The two overdosed on the drugs the prostitutes spiked their drinks with. Police say that this M.O. matches that of a prostitute ring called "The Filtracion" (The Leak) who proposition men and then spike their drinks and then rob the men, but the spiked drinks usually don't kill (probably because of their size, it killed them). The police have retrieved finger prints from the scene and are confident they will find the two responsible which I truly hope they do. La Parkita and Espectrito II were both 2 of the pioneers of the Lucha Mini resurgence in the 90's as stars in both AAA and CMLL. Espectrito II has wrestled under many names and masks in his carer including Mini Mankind, Tarantula (while in the WWE shortly), and most recently as Guerrerito del Futuro. He lost his Espectrito mask to Octagoncito in 1997. La Parkita is considered by many to be one of of the best in-ring Minis in all of Lucha Libre and has been so for many years. Parkita has wrestled all over the world including Japan and the United States (most recently in CHIKARA Pro). Both had been wrestling on the INDY scene (mostly in Mexico City) recently wrestling for such groups as Los Bizarros, IWRG, Perros del Mal, and more. They will be missed. R.I.P. Parkita & Espectrito and

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