TNA iMPACT! Report - 7/2

Winner: Amazing Red

Quick Booker T promo before we join Abyss' backstage wanderings once again. Now he's knocking things over looking for Dr. Stevie. Abyss gets confronted by the head of security and we are going to a commercial.

When we rejoin, Tenay sends it backstage to J.B. who's with Jarrett. Angle and the Mafia head into the locker room because Angle wants to have a sitdown with J.J. Steiner is behind them and still looks pissed. This guy cannot wait for his turn to beat someone up. Jarrett says he wants nothing to do with Kurt's offer and that he owns the company, so he's running the show. Tonight, there's going to be a tag match and it's going to be Angle and Joe vs. Jarrett and A.J. Styles. But we have a stipulation! If the Mafia wins, Angle keeps the belt. If A.J. or Jarrett score a pinfall, they get the strap.

Tenay and Don cut a promo for TNA on the road.

And before we head to commercial, we're backstage with Lauren and Jenna talking about Sharmell's challenge at Victory Road.

Sojournor Bolt interrupts and says she's Sharmell's girl. She's going to have Sharmell ready for her match with Jenna at Victory Road.

Now it's time for a word from our sponsor.

There are some ugly people in this crowd tonight. Borash is backstage with Angle, who is pissed he's gotta wrestle tonight. Angle tells Jarrett that he just signed his death certificate and spouts off for a moment before taking off. Booker tells Sharmell to find Matt Morgan.

Match 2: Eric Young vs. Rhino w/ Jesse Neal

Eric Young makes his way to the ring and Tenay reminds everyone how Young walked out on Rhino at Slammiversary. Rhino is headed to the ring with Jesse Neal. Everyone loves Rhino! Right away, Rhino is messing Young up, but Young reverses an Irish whip and send Rhino into the ropes. Young takes control and after giving Rhino a slow pounding that includes punches, choking and a reverse chinlock. Young heads outside the ring to send Jesse Neal into the steel barricade. Young gets back in the ring and continues to beat up on Rhino, but he fights back and hits a spinebuster on Young. Rhino goes for the pin, but Neal climbs on the apron and distracts the ref. Rhino goes to yell at Neal and Young rolls him up and gets the pinfall. **

Winner: Eric Young

We see Sharmell backstage where she finds Morgan. Sharmell tells the Blueprint that Kurt wants to see him and he acts giddy like a school girl. Morgan screams about how excited he is to join the Mafia and we head to commercial.

As we return, I notice, the crowd is still ugly. Borash is backstage and wants to know if Morgan is joining the Mafia. Kurt says that he's under consideration, but he needs to do more things if he wants to become a member. Booker is just staring eerily at Morgan. After Morgan reminds Angle that he took care of Sting last week, Kurt says that he needs to make sure his bbuttes are covered and that Morgan needs to keep Daniels away from the ring tonight.

Promo for Sarita.

Match 3: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky w/ Madison Rayne vs. Tara and Awesome Kong w/ Raisha Saeed

The Beautiful People head out first followed by Awesome Kong and her tag team partner Tara. West makes a creepy sexting comment about his relationship with Velvet Sky. Yuck.

Tara and Sky start things off with Velvet getting the upper hand. The ref pulls Sky off Tara, who gets the advantage with a couple of arm drags. Tara tags in Awesome Kong who proceeds to pound on Sky. Angelina tags in and Kong takes it to her, tossing Angelina in the corner. Kong tags in Tara, but Love gets the upper hand. She tags in Sky, who hits some kicks and an elbow. Crowd is a little light for this one. After getting a reversal, Tara tags in Kong who starts cleaning house. Kong sets up for a powerbomb, but Love stops that. Tara sends Angelina out of the ring and then sends her into the ringpost.

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