TNA iMPACT! Report - 7/2

Kong hits an implant buster on Sky and scores the pinfall. *1/2

Winner: Tara and Awesome Kong

After the match, Tara puts a tarantula on the knocked out Sky and Kong is freaked out! Love and Madison Rayne go running away.

We're back after the break and Lauren is backstage with Angelina, who is still freaked out about the spider.

Match 4: Team 3D vs. Scott Steiner and Booker T -- No. 1 contender's match

We are treated to a Brother Ray promo and then we cut to Beer Money who is headed to the announce table, where they'll join Iron Mike and Don West. Team 3D is on their way to the ring for their matchup with Scott Steiner and Booker T, who head to the ring next with Sharmell. This match will determine who faces Beer Money at Victory Road for the tag belts. We're all standing in the center of the ring jawing back and forth. We'll finally start with Scotty and Brother Ray. Beer Money says they were up to facing the Dudley's for a rematch, but are willing to face anyone. Steiner takes control in the corner. Scotty with a t-bone suplex and we've got some back and forth in the center of the ring. Sidewalk slam by Brother Ray, who goes for the three-count. Nothing. Brother Ray tags in Devon, who sends Steiner into the ropes but a reversal lets Book kick Devon in the back. Book tags in and takes control. Steiner Heat double team Devon in the corner. Steiner Heat I like that. Can I copyright that? Belly to belly by Steiner on Devon followed by a kick by Booker. Devon's down. Book picks him up, sends him into the ropes and we have a double clothesline, both men are on the canvas. The crowd is hot for this match. Ray gets tagged in and takes down Book with a clothesline and then he hits Steiner with the Bubba bomb. Goes for Booker, who hits the Bookend.

Bashir and Kiyoshi attack Beer Money at the announce table.

3D on Booker T, but Sharmell distracts while Devon has the pin. Steiner goes for a clothesline and misses. He gets knocked down and Dudley's hit the Wbuttup. Devon goes for the table, but the British Invasion comes out to the ring. While Doug Williams distracts the ref, Magnus comes through the crowd and hits Ray with the briefcase. Brother Ray is knocked out and Book gets the pinfall. **1/2

Winners: Scott Steiner and Booker T

And we're off to a commercial.

Match 5: Jethro Holliday vs. Jay Lethal

When we rejoin, Jethro Holliday is in the ring to face Black Machismo. Lethal's music hits, but he doesn't come to the ring. Backstage, we see Abyss is messing up Lethal Consequences. This guy is on the rampage tonight. Abyss heads to the ring and hits the Blackhole Slam on Holliday. Abyss sends him out of the ring and grabs a mic calling for Dr. Stevie. Abyss doesn't want anymore treatment from the Dr., he just wants to mess Stevie up. Stevie shows up on the big screen and he's got Lauren backstage. Stevie says Abyss needs to show up for therapy next week or else. The crowd is cheering for Abyss as he runs up the ramp.

Winner: N/A

After a commercial break, we're back for the night's main event.

Match 6: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett and A.J. Styles

Jarrett is headed to the ring with A.J. the next to come down. Joe and Kurt follow. What's that you say? Commercial time?

Ok, we're back once again, but now, we're waiting for J.B. to finish up the announcements. Borash introduces Jarrett and Styles and it's obvious who the crowd is behind. I said it before, people hate Angle. He's a great heel. Jarrett and Angle to start us off, collar and elbow in the center of the ring. Back and forth slingshots on the ropes and then J.J. goes for a sunset flip. Angle reverses and goes for the ankle lock. They break up and stare each other down. Some more back and forth until Jarrett hits a back elbow on Angle. J.J. tags in Styles. Angle rakes A.J.'s eyes, but Angle's holding his arm and tags in Joe. A.J. and Joe go at it. Styles with a dropkick and Angle is back in the ring. A.J. sends Angle over the top rope. A.J. and J.J. double clothesline Joe and we head to commercial.

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