TNA iMPACT! Report - 7/2

We're back and A.J. is lying in the center of the ring. Joe tags in Angle, who stomps on A.J.'s leg. They show Angle hitting a nasty release suplex during the commercial break on Styles. Angle is methodically taking apart A.J., but Styles reverses with an enzuigiri. Both he and Angle are down. Joe goes running across the ring to knock Jarrett off the ring apron and Angle tags in Joe who continues to beat on A.J. Styles with a springboard into an inverted DDT hold on Joe. Angle runs in and A.J. locks him up to hit the DDT on both of them. Joe gets some momentum and tries to choke Styles, but A.J. kicks Joe and both of them are face down on the mat. Jarrett and Angle get tagged in and Angle goes for the Olympic slam, but J.J. reverses and hits a double underhook suplex. Jarrett goes for the pin and when Joe comes in to drop the elbow on Jarrett, he rolls out of the way and Joe hits Angle. Joe gets up and sets up Jarrett for the Muscle Buster, but A.J. springboards off the rope to knock out Joe and the ref. Angle gets the ankle lock on Jarrett. J.J. almost gets to Styles for the tag, but Joe knocks A.J. off the apron. Jarrett blacks out from the ankle lock and Angle/Joe win the match. ***

Winners: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

Mafia heads to the ring and A.J. clears them all out after their arrival. Mafia finally gets the upperhand on Styles and we cut to backstage where Matt Morgan is attacking Daniels so he won't head out. The lights go out and then Sting's music hits. When the lights come on, Sting is in the ring and he clears house with the baseball bat. Stinger grabs Angle's belt, the lights go out, and he's gone.

Good show tonight. Good pace and flow. Looking forward to what happens with this Sting/Mafia storyline. I hope it doesn't get too big and involve everyone though. We'll see. Until next week.

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