As reported earlier, Edge seemlimgle injured his angle during a house show last night. reader Paul sent the following last night:

It appears Edge may have injured his leg during his match with Jeff Hardy at tonight's house show. After four or five minutes of drawing audience participation, including Edge pretending to slip off the ropes the two performers finally engaged in a collar and elbow tie up. Shortly after Edge charged Hardy into a corner of ring where Edge went down. It's unclear why he went down or what part of his leg was injured, but the match immediately stopped without any further interaction from the two wrestlers. Referee Charles Robinson threw up the X arm signal and the bell rang, awarding Jeff the victory due to Edge not being able to continue. There was a thought that this was a horribly booked work, but Edge even grabbed the mic and apologized to the crowd saying, 'Sorry'. Apologizing, of course is not typical of a major heel. The match ended with almost no action what so ever and Edge needed assistance back to the locker room.

An interesting bit of info: This is the 3rd consecutive San Diego event where a superstar was injured.

-Edge, of course tonight
-Evan Bourne injured his ankle at the 10/28 Smackdown taping, that was the Halloween edition of SD
-Randy Orton broke his collar bone at the June 2008 Extreme Rules PPV in San Diego against HHH in a Last Man Standing match. reader Paul also sent the following last night:

The final match before intermission was Edge versus Jeff Hardy. Edge jawjacked with fans along the aisle as he approached the ring, even tearing up a sign along the way. He also repeated the same spot three times before the match got started - standing on the ropes, then pretending to slip off - with decreasing humor every time. Almost immediately after the bout started, however, Edge went down with what appeared to be an injury to his left ankle. Edge was standing in the corner, and when Hardy charged at him, Edge tried to leapfrog him and came down wrong on his leg. Interestingly, Steamboat's injury earlier in the evening (which at first appeared legit, until McIntyre started working on it) happened the exact same way. As Hardy backed off, the ref gave the "X" signal, and Justin Roberts announced that because Edge could not continue, Hardy was the winner. As two referees helped him to the back, Edge grabbed the house mic and simply said "sorry" to the fans.

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