Tomko Note, Vader Update, Francine, Warrior, & More

Tomko Note, Vader Update, Francine, Warrior, & More
As noted last week here on the site, Tyson Tomko has shown up in Japan working for Hustle in a tag team called Armageddon with Rene Dupree. Tomko was a replacement for Lance Cade who didn't work out.

Leon "Big Van Vader" White who has been promoting shows in Japan of late is training his son Jesse for a career in pro wrestling. A few years ago Jesse was recruited to the University of Oklahoma and was tipped for the NFL but a back injury ended any chance of a football career.

Francine's Legends of the Arena ECW reunion last weekend in Philadelphia raised $6,400 for the American Cancer Society.

During a recent Mets-Brewers baseball game, Milwaukee reliever Tod Coffee came to pitch, they played the Ultimate Warrior's entrance music. Tod's gimmick is he runs in from the bullpen to the mound.

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