Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As noted earlier here on the website, there is some strong unhappiness among wrestlers regarding the drug testing in WWE, particularly in light of Eddie Fatu's (a/k/a Umaga) departure from the company. While there has always been a problem with fines for smoking marijuana, the bigger issue has to do with the legitimacy of the company's drug testing procedure.

Until recently, the belief was that the testing was legitimate and no favorites were being played. Some believed at least a few of the wrestlers are able to stay looking enhanced because they can beat the testing through HGH which cannot be tested or special designer drugs. Until recently, they believed the testing was not being unfairly administered, but that is not the case anymore and several wrestlers are very unhappy.

What happened is that one top WWE star is rumored to have failed a drug test for steroids, with company officials covering it up by not suspending him. The wrestler in question told someone about his drug test failure in full detail and word started to go around.

While there is no concrete proof on the story, there are very detailed accounts circulating which are widely believed among wrestlers.

Initially, it wasn't that big of a concern among wrestlers, except that later, Umaga, who was popular in the locker room, was unceremoniously released by the company. Although once he refused entering a rehabilitation center, the company at that point had no choice but to release him. However, several have pointed out Kurt Angle turning down entering rehab in 2006 and he wasn't suspended at the time. In fact, he continued to wrestle.

It should also be noted that there are a few wrestlers on the roster with exemptions where they can use testosterone for medical reasons, but they have to be approved. This explains why Chris Benoit was able to pass the company's drug testing despite the greatly elevated level of testosterone in his system.

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