WWE RAW Results (7/6) - John Cena vs. Triple H!

WWE RAW Results (7/6) - John Cena vs. Triple H! Results from tonight's broadcast

WWE RAW Results (7/6) - John Cena vs. Triple H!
Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, July 6th, 2009 (USA Network)
Location: The HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA
Results by 411Mania.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-Taped from HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA

-Hosted by Michael Cole & Jerry "The King" Lawler

-Guest Host "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase is out to start the show with the Million Dollar Belt, and he is joined by Legacy members Ted Dibiase, Jr. and Cody Rhodes. God I love that theme. Dibiase says as Trump and Vince proved last week everyone has a price, and when he heard about this guest host thing he had his people write a check. Dibiase says it gives him a forum to remind the people of the greatness that stands before them. He says in the ring stands two of the most naturally gifted young superstars that we will ever see in our lives. Ted says he was informed there would be no title defenses on Raw before Night of Champions, but that doesn't mean he can't have a little fun. He says at Night of Champions Edge and Jericho will go one on one with Legacy. Dibiase asks Cody how he felt about Mark Henry beating Randy Orton last week. Cody says he was upset about it, so Dibiase tells him that he'll get a chance to teach him a lesson tonight when he faces Henry one on one. Ted, Jr. doesn't like that, but Dibiase lets him know that he has something else to tell him. He tells him everyone knows that Randy Orton is just holding him down and using him. Tonight Ted, Jr. will go one on one with Randy Orton, and tonight he will make a statement. Teddy begs dad not to make him face Orton, but Dibiase tells him not only is he going to face him but he's going to beat him. Dibiase leaves, and that brings out the tag champs Edge and Chris Jericho who stare down Legacy as we head to break. Tremendous segment.

Edge & Chris Jericho vs. The Colons
A bad week to tape Raw, as all of this stuff that is being set up is going to have to be scrapped somehow due to the injury to Edge. Carlito starts this bout with Edge, and hits a kneelift early. Carlito rams Edge face first into the top buckle, but runs into a big boot for a two count. Edge delivers a forearm, and tags in to Jericho who is in with a back elbow. Jericho delivers a back suplex, and tags back to Edge. Carlito fights back on Edge, but gets taken down with a drop toehold. Jericho takes advantage of a ref distraction by Edge with a choke in the corner. Jericho finally legally tags in, and hits a snap mare on Carlito. Half nelson chinlock is locked in by Jericho, and Carlito elbows his way out of that. Carlito hits the ropes delivering a springboard back elbow, and is finally able to make the hot tag to Primo. Edge tags in as well, but gets hit with an elbow and a dropkick. Dropkick from Primo sends Jericho to the floor, and then he takes Edge down with a headscissor. Primo hits a springboard crossbody for two, and then goes for another springboard but is tripped up by Edge. Edge ties Primo up in the ropes, and Carlito attempts to untie him. Edge charges, but Primo comes free and Edge knocks Carlito to the floor. Carlito heads back in and distracts the referee, but that distraction allows Jericho to attack from behind with the codebreaker. From there the spear from Edge makes the finish academic at 5:16. After the match Carlito attacks Primo brutally firing him into the ringpost, and then over the announce table. So one of the four proper tag teams in WWE, and we just break one of them up? With the Edge injury I bet they wish they had this decision back.
Winner: Edge & Chris Jericho (Edge pins Primo-Spear **1/4)

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