Devin Cutting sent this in: WWE has apparently changed it's mind about renaming the October 25th pay-per-view as has the event listed as Cyber Sunday again. Last week, the website switched the name of the event to Annihilation.

Joey Styles has a new blog entry up on WWE Universe urging people to vote for Shane Victorino for the MLB All-Star game. Check out the entry at

The following updates have been added to this week.

In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies April 28, 1996 (The whole PPV available till August 2)
Superstars 3/2/1991 March 2, 1991
Raw: Episode 91 December 19, 1994
Wrestling Challenge: Episode 59 October 18, 1987
Legacy of the Intercontinental Championship - Part XXV
Clash of the Champions - Ric Flair vs. Sting March 27, 1988
Shotgun Saturday Night - The Rock vs. Triple H January 18, 1997
Action Zone - Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart October 23, 1994
Madison Square Garden - Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair November 30, 1991
Great American Bash - Midnight Express vs. Rock N' Roll Express July 4, 1987
Philadelphia - Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven April 8, 1995
* The first 25 matches of John Cena's WWE career will also be added on July 13th.

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