Jim Ross has posted a new blog on his official website. Below are highlights:

- The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, came off as the shining star of the program in my view. MDM was a new face/voice and add a fresh element to the show that worked for me. Every weekly, episodic TV broadcast, including and especially a wrestling show needs "new" and DiBiase provided "new."

- DiBiase's promos felt natural and on point. Give the man some bullet points and turn him loose. Good, verbal stuff all night from Teddy....hey, I've known him since day one and I can call him Teddy if I choose. I saw the man wrestle Dick Murdoch and Ric Flair on Mid South Wrestling so back off, Jack!

- RKO vs. DiBiase=A Wrestlemania Main Event some day in this decade.

- Matt Hardy has had surgery according to Matt Hardy so I guess we won't be seeing Matt on SD for a few weeks. Matt needs some good luck and a few main event ops. My advice to Matt is to rely on your instincts, Twitter your ass off while you are on the mend, come back with the mindset that no one is better, don't date any more Divas, and do not use one, Dr. Heiney. I'm just saying.

- Jerry Lawler can't be serious about running for Mayor of Memphis again. Can he? Why King Why? If Lawler becomes Mayor of Memphis and if somebody in Hollywood doesn't produce a reality show on it or document King's term for a feature length film someone is not paying attention. Just say no Jerry.

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