Matt Hardy has posted a new blog on WWE Universe including a graphic photo of his abdomen following surgery on July 2. You can view the photo by clicking here.

Hardy said he knew he was injured half was through last weeks WWE Superstars triple threat match against MVP and Kofi in Green Bay. "The triple threat match against MVP and Kofi in Green Bay was the straw that broke the camel's back. In a few days, I'm gonna post a tell-all blog on my WWE Universe page and fill everyone in on everything."

He added, "when Kofi gave me a cross body from the top rope, my intestines basically exploded out of my abdominal wall. And not just in one spot, but in two spots. It was so excruciatingly painful it's almost hard to describe. It felt like someone took a hot knife and sliced it deeply into my lower abdomen. I did my best to try and get through the remainder of the match, but I knew I was hurt badly. I had to have it fixed, or face major health problems. Problems that could have possibly killed me. So I had do what was good for me, my career, my friends, and my loved ones. And that was get it corrected and fixed."

Hardy also thanked the WWE, Dr. Pappas, Duke Medical Center, Shannon Moore for their support through the injury.

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