While overseas this week for WWE's tour of the Philippines, SmackDown superstar John Morrison spoke to the Philippine Daily Inquirer this week and talked about the following:

Who He Wants to Feud With: "I would love to take on C.M. Punk. I think his strange lifestyle and goofy tattoos are stupid. Also, Chris Jericho. The biggest mouth in the WWE who just talks and talks but never actually does anything. I would love to wrestle with him."

Trump Buying Raw: "It adds notoriety and interest. It makes national headlines. Just the fact that you asked me that question about Donald Trump proves people are interested in it."

Performing High-Risk Moves: "Here's an analogy. In the United States, there is no law against riding a bike with no hands. You can ride your bike with no hands if you want to. But if you are not good enough to ride your bike with no hands and you try it, you are going to crash and hurt yourself."

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