-- Taz offered some words of encouragement for Edge on Twitter. He wrote: I was sorry to hear about Edge getting injured. Edge is a great dude...speedy recovery brother!!

-- Jerry Lynn, Scotty Too Hotty, Sabu and others are scheduled to be on RVD Radio tonight from 9-11 PM Eastern.

-- The WWE Superstars seem to be enjoying their experience in Japan. The following stars posted the following on their Twitter's:

- Chris Jericho: Japan was a pleasure as always. Great crowds and killer matches with Rey and Steamboat.

- Evan Bourne: Budokan was amazing! Tore is up vs. Rey tonight. Now its yakiniku time, followed by a little osake.

- Justin Roberts: I've unintentionally abandoned Twitter...sorry! Having a great tour with an awesome group of people. Japan is an experience as always!!

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