Hulk Hogan recently spoke to Chicago's Here are the highlights:

Comparing himself to Steve Austin and The Rock: "It's kind of interesting now to have about 30 years of this wrestling history under my belt and kind of look back and see the Rocks and the Stone Colds pass through for a couple of years. I put so much time in and so many people were like 40 or 50 years old, and now are 70 and 80 years old. There's a whole group of kids that know me from 'Hogan Knows Best' 'Brooke Knows Best.' There's such a wide range of ages that know me. It's really neat that these people have been watching me for years, and the new people are so loyal."

On his new book: "We began working on this seven or eight months ago. It's about my life outside the ring," he said of the tome with the working title "My Life Outside the Ring." With all the doom and gloom, and the sky is falling, I wanted to tell my story. I've had some crazy things happening to me."

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