Bruno/Borat Star To Appear In WWE?; HHH Cartoon Update

Bruno/Borat Star To Appear In WWE?; HHH Cartoon Update

According to an article on, new "Bruno" star (and former "Borat" star) Sacha Baron Cohen is friends with WWE Superstar John Cena in real life. "It may sound like an unlikely friendship, but Cohen is apparently best buddies with WWE wrestler John Cena," the article stated. The piece continues with: "Online reports have claimed that the Brüno star is a big fan of the sports entertainment format. Maybe we'll see Borat and co at the next Wrestlemania or Royal Rumble." That's doubtful. Check out the article at if interested.

Triple H will face off with child actor Dakota Fanning when he appears on the "Robot Chicken" cartoon on The Cartoon Network on July 26th. has a photo of that "match" on their website if interested.

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Will Triple H's announcement lead to Roman Reigns being pulled from WrestleMania main event?
No, but he will be pulled anyway