The latest victim of WWE's dreaded "future endeavors" announcement was The Brian Kendrick, and a PWInsider report sheds the first bit of light on the matter.

According to the report, Kendrick's release can largely be attributed to his backstage attitude and motivation as a performer. The internal feeling was that while Kendrick did what he was told, he carried a negative attitude and gave the impression that he did not deeply care about being there. WWE thus saw little potential for Kendrick to breakout as a valuable member of the roster and opted to sever its ties with the wrestler.

It remains to be seen if Kendrick's release is a compounded consequence of his behavior or if a specific incident brought WWE officials' concerns to a boil.

Sources are also quick to mention reports that Kendrick was one of WWE's most frequently-fined Superstars for marijuana use, although it is unclear if that played any role in his release--under the Wellness Policy, there is no punishment, beyond the fine, for using the drug.

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