Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We reported yesterday that Jenna Morasca added a blog on her official MySpace page talking about her match with Sharmell at TNA's Victory Road and answering critics that called it, well, awful. Jenna, in her defense, stated in the blog that she only had a "few days to practice" the match. Well it turns that isn't true. In speaking with people at TNA that Jenna had actually been working on that match spot-by-spot since the June TV tapings for well over a month now. One TNA source noted that while many love Sharmell and consider her a sweet girl, "Nobody cares much for that Jenna girl."

There are many people within TNA who are still insisting that the entire situation involving Jeff Jarrett, Karen Angle and Kurt Angle is real. Most in the company are still siding with Kurt Angle adding that he tends to be more interactive with the talent roster complimenting them on working hard and watching everyone's matches, while Jeff Jarrett is know for hanging with his "crew of boys" and doing his own thing at events.

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