Hogan Turns 56, Tommy Dreamer Injured, Lance Storm/RAW, More

Hogan Turns 56, Tommy Dreamer Injured, Lance Storm/RAW, More
Joey Styles posted the following on Twitter last night: Lance Storm did a great interview with wweclassics.com. Lance hasn't aged a day in ten years. I guess the fountain of youth is in Calgary. As noted yesterday, Lance was backstage at RAW yesterday visiting friends. He has no plans to return to the company.

Tommy Dreamer suffered some puncture wounds in his arm during last week's extreme rules match with Christian. He will not miss any in-ring time.

Last week's edition of Raw with Jeremy Piven and Dr. Ken as hosts drew a 3.55 cable rating off hours of 3.5 and 3.6. For the week, the show was ranked number three in persons 18 to 49 (2.07), number one in males 18 to 49 (2.78), and drew 5.1 million viewers overall with an average age of 39.

Today is Hulk Hogan's 56th birthday. Happy Birthday, brother.

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