-- You can following infrequently seen TNA Knockout SoCal Val on Twitter at twitter.com/socalvalerie

-- Beer Money, Inc. are this week's guests on Hermie's Hotseat. You can view the video interview at youtube.com/watch?v=oMKfPTgmDEs

-- We were informed early last week that Jamie Szantyr (a.k.a. Velvet Sky of TNA Wrestling) had broken up with WWE wrestler Gregory "Hurricane" Helms after a several-year long relationship. The following post was made on TalkImpact.com last week, with Helms himself saying it was not true (after being asked for comment): "SmackDown superstars are in the city today roaming on their day off after their show at Nassau last night. So me and my boy went to a bar this afternoon and met up with Gregory Helms. He was cool (also not with Matt, Jeff or Shannon Moore) but he was in bad spirits. He started talking to us about his girl problems. He said Monday night he had a nasty break up with TNA Knockout Velvet Sky. He said they were together 5 years and never has he had such a nasty break up. He said it was really brutal. We then started talking about my ex gf and how she wont really leave me alone. He then told my boy to break up with his gf. He said she does the same s--t Velvet would do and it would only end badly like his did. I mean it was awesome to have drinks with him and everything but it was...sort of depressing. We did Irish Car bombs before and left. He paid for our cabs back to Queens. Amazing man. Feel really bad for him." However, Helms wrote the following message on his Twitter account last Friday, seemingly indicating that he was no longer involved with the TNA Knockout: "All good things must come to an end." To confirm they are no longer together, both Helms and Sky set their relationship status to single on their respective MySpace accounts over the weekend. However, it would appear they are still friends as they are still ranked No. 1 on each other's "Top Friends" list.

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