-- Several outlets including NBC are reporting that WWE CEO Linda McMahon is considering running for a Senate seat. If she goes through with it, she'd run as a Republican against Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd in 2010. McMahon has already had some political success this year as she was successfully appointed to the Connecticut State Board Of Education.

-- According to a post by Batista's publicist on the message board of his official website, Demon-Wrestling.com, he has been cleared to resume working out. He was also scheduled for a follow-up visit with his surgeon this week to evaluate his rehabilitation process.

-- The WWE website has a feature looking at occurrences that took place in the squared circle, but were never fully resolved. Among those occurrences profiled include who was behind GTV, what caused the Raw set to fall on Vince McMahon last year, who raised the briefcase in the ladder match at King of the Ring 1999, and more.

-- Clark sent this in: Today while driving to work, they ran an ad for the ECW and Smackdown tapings in Kansas City, Missouri advertising the main event for Smackdown as Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk for the World Heavyweight title in a cage match. Note from Ryan Clark: This taping takes place this Tuesday, August 18.

-- The release date for Dwayne Johnson's new movie, Planet 51, is 11/20.

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