TNA Hard Justice Results (8/16) - Elijah Burke, & More!

Holliday grabs the brass knucks, puts them on, Abyss turns around, Holliday throws his right hand and Abyss catches him with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss covers Holliday and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, Abyss starts clapping and gets a big reaction from the crowd in Orlando. Abyss then leaves the ring and starts heading up the ramp when Dr. Stevie gets in the ring. Dr. Stevie gets in Jethro Holliday's face. Jethro then lays Dr. Stevie out with a big right hand. Abyss sees this and starts clapping.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle. Angle said Matt Morgan is young and doesn't know what he says when he speaks. He said right now Morgan is really emotional, but after he has a talk with him he will be thinking differently.

Hernandez vs. "Big" Rob Terry w/ The British Invasion
Before the match, Hernandez gets on the mic and calls himself a Latino American since he has family in Mexico and family in the United States. He said the people here tonight are his family and the Impact Zone is his house. Hernandez said when they stole his briefcase it was like they came in and stole something from his house. He said tonight there will be no wrestling match and that he has two choices: give him the briefcase and or he can take it himself. All three members of The British Invasion hit the ring. Hernandez takes out Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams. Rob Terry holds Hernandez back, Magnus and Williams try to hit Hernandez, but Hernandez moves and they take out Terry. Hernandez dumps Magnus and Williams out of the ring.

The bell officially rings and Hernandez levels Terry with a huge shoulder block. Hernandez covers Terry and gets the pinfall.

Winner of the TNA World Title Shot Briefcase: Hernandez

- Backstage, Lauren is with Beer Money, Inc. James Storm said they have been dominate in TNA, but they showed Booker T and Scott Steiner too much respect before and it will never happen again. Robert Roode said they have become soft over the last few months and said he is sick and tired of handling things that way. Roode said tonight at Hard Justice they go back to being dominate and The British Invasion will be the first to experience it.

- A video package airs showing The British Invasion aligning with the World Elite group leading into tonight's match for the IWGP Tag Team Championships against Beer Money, Inc.

IWGP Tag Team Championship Match
The British Invasion (c's) vs. Beer Money, Inc.

The match starts with Brutus Magnus and James Storm. Storm levels Magnus with two big right hands. Storm with a kick and knee to the face on Magnus along with a jumping neckbreaker. Magnus catches Storm with an elbow in the corner, but Storm comes back leveling Magnus with two clotheslines. Magnus tosses Storm over the top rope, but Storm holds on, flips back up and takes out Magnus. Storm tosses Magnus over the top rope. Magnus holds on, flips back in and Storm kicks him in the face sending him back over. Doug Williams jumps down to help out Magnus and Storm gets launched over the top rope by Robert Roode taking out Magnus and Williams. Roode gets the tag and goes to work on Magnus in the corner. Roode with big chops to Magnus in the corner. Roode with a big atomic drop on Magnus and takes out Williams in the corner. Williams with the tag as Magnus gets in a quick shot on Roode allowing Williams to hit a big European Uppercut. Williams starts choking Roode in the corner with his boot. Roode fights back with chops. Williams with a shoulder block on Roode, but Roode fires back with a series of clotheslines and then sends Magnus off the corner. Tag to Storm. Beer Money double team Williams with Storm finishing it off with a knee drop for a two count.

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