TNA Hard Justice Results (8/16) - Elijah Burke, & More!

Devon jumps off the top rope and takes out Steiner, but Booker was able to move the table so he wouldn't go through a table. Ray puts the table near another corner as the crowd chants for tables. Booker with a Book End through a table on Ray. Cover by Booker and Ray is barely able to kick out. Steiner and Booker double team Devon with a big clothesline. Cover by Steiner and Devon kicks out after two. Booker with a side kick on Devon, cover and Devon again kicks out. Devon dodges a side kick from Booker who crotches himself on the ropes. Devon goes after Steiner hitting a big snap powerslam that results in a two count. Devon with a spinebuster on Booker, cover and Booker kicks out. Steiner accidentally hits Booker with a clothesline allowing Devon to hit a back suplex that results in a close two count. Steiner with a clothesline on Devon in the corner. Devon then grabs Steiner and powerbombs him from the corner to the middle of the ring when he jumped up for punches. Another cover by Devon and Steiner kicks out. 3D on Booker. Devon covers Booker. Steiner rolls up Ray. Both of the referees count pinfalls on the two separate pinfalls that just went down.

The bell starts ringing and the two referees start speaking. They agree to go watch the video footage. Here comes some instant replay as the referees check it out at ringside. They view the footage and return to the ring. They rule that Booker T and Scott Steiner are still the champions.

Winners & STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Booker T & Scott Steiner

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the controversial finish.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA Legends Champion Mick Foley. Borash asks Foley if he is ready to step into the ring with a guy the size of Kevin Nash tonight. Foley said Nash wants to hold this title so he gets extra money for his appearances, but Foley holds it because he is proud to.

- A video package runs highlighting the events between Mick Foley and Kevin Nash leading into tonight's match for the TNA Legends Championship.

TNA Legends Championship
Mick Foley (c) vs. Kevin Nash

The bell rings and Mick Foley waves at Kevin Nash. Lock up and Nash pushes Foley to the corner. Nash backs up as the referee breaks it up. Another lock up and Nash pushes Foley to the other corner hitting some high knees to the body. Nash with a big forearm to the back of Foley. Foley hits some big right hands and sends Nash face first into the corner. Foley with a headbutt to Nash. Foley hits a second headbutt and follows with a big right hand keeping Nash on his knees near the ropes. Foley hits the ropes and hits a big high knee. Nash then sends Foley through the ropes to the ring apron. Nash grabs Foley and then kicks him sending Foley with force into the steel ring barricade. Foley is back up on the ring apron and Nsah gets in some forearm shots as Foley falls on his back and rolls out. Nash follows Foley to the outside and sends him back first into the ring apron. Nash grabs a steel chair and tries to hit Foley with it. Foley moves and Nash cracks it over the steel ring post. Foley then kicks Nash, grabs the steel chair and cracks it over the back of Nash. Foley sends Nash into the steel ring barricade, grabs the steel chair and hits Nash in the ribs with it. Foley again sends Nash face first into the steel guard railing.

Foley is up on the ring apron looking to hit his flying elbow when Nash puts the steel chair over his body and Foley cracks his elbow on it. Foley busted his eye open during the spot and the blood is just pouring. Nash hits some big right hands on Foley and sends him back in the ring. Nash with more right hands and some blood even hits the camera at ringside. Foley asks Nash for more as he gets to his feet and hits some big right hands. Foley hits Nash with some big rights and fires himself up. Foley starts pulling his hair out and rocking in place as he is sitting down on the mat. Foley keeps checking the cut near his eye which is still pouring blood. Foley sends Nash into the steel steps and lets out a loud, "BANG! BANG!" Nash is now busted open as Foley drags him back into the ring. Foley gets in some shots as blood is pouring out of Nash now. The cut is deep over the forehead of Nash. Foley backs up looking to charge Nash and the referee gets in way. Referee bump with Nash taking the brunt of the shot. Foley then leaves the ring and pulls out a barbed wire baseball bat. Foley returns to the ring when Traci Brooks runs down. Traci distracts Foley allowing Nash to hit a big boot. Nash covers Foley and gets the pinfall.

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