-- While the exact imminence of Undertaker's return is unclear--all that has been floated is that he is due back in September--Vince McMahon has requested that the SmackDown! team start the tease for his return.

-- There has reportedly been some talk of running DX vs. Legacy as the final match on Sunday's Summerslam pay-per-view. A lot will come down to how WWE books the finishes of the WWE and World Championship matches; if creative scripts neither match to culminate with a happy ending, it might opt to put the tag grudge match on last to send the fans home satisfied.

DX vs. Legacy closing the show is, nonetheless, still a long shot--in the past, rumors that a non-title bout would close the show have typically proven false. The major evidence supporting the rumor, at press time, is the fact that WWE's websites are billing DX vs. Legacy as a featured attraction. On Summerslam.com, the match has been moved to the "main event" category (alongside CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy and John Cena vs. Randy Orton). On WWE.com, DX vs. Legacy has the highest billing.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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